Hydration Intake - How Much Water Should I Drink?

Hydration Intake.jpg

Believe it or not, hydration should be the top priority when it comes to your beauty routine. A few months ago, I was feeling super off. We had just moved to a new house and I was honestly convinced that there was something wrong in the house that was making me sick. We got mold testing, VOC testing, and even had the fire department come to test for carbon monoxide.

Do you want to know what the issue was?

Dehydration. I was chronically dehydrated.

Between selling a house, buying a house, packing, moving, a newborn, finding new daycare, 2 working parents, grocery shopping, the list goes on... I just didn't make drinking water a priority.

I ended up visiting the doctor because I was sure there was something wrong with me, and she asked how much water I drink per day.

Um, I'm not sure. Now that you bring it up, I don't think I've had any today.

I was basically killing myself slowly. She recommended drinking my body weight in water every day, and once I started feeling better making sure I take in at least half of my body weight in ounces each day, but to aim for my full weight in ounces.

The brain is made up of 73% water.

That's insane! Water is the major component of most body parts and helps with basically every system in your body. Just a few major things water helps our with are: helps deliver oxygen all over the body, eliminate waste, allows the body's cells to grow, reproduce, and survive, regulates body temperature, aids in digestion.

Common symptoms of dehydration:

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Dry mouth

  • Dark urine

  • Headache

  • Sunken eyes

  • Weakness

  • Dry skin

Once I upped my water intake, it was like day and night. The brain fog was lifted, I slept better, I had more energy during the day...it was life changing!

Tips for easy hydration:

• Get a cute (and big) water bottle! My favorite is the Healthy Human 32 oz tumbler. It keeps my water super cold and I love the new design with a smaller bottom - makes it so easy to fit in the car cup holder.

• Make your water exciting. I love to put some fresh lemon or some lime and mint in my water to make it a little fun. This is an awesome water bottle infuser!

• Keep track of your hydration. Mike and I keep a chart on the whiteboard on our refrigerator and it's become sort of a competition for who will drink the most water per day (hint: I win!)

How much water do you drink daily? Do you suffer from any of the symptoms of dehydration? Let me know what your tips are for drinking enough water in the comments!