Earth Day Promos

earth day.jpg

I always get giddy around Earth Day because it seems like everyone is giving a little extra love to Mama Earth. I am a huge advocate of protecting the planet, and do all that I can to live sustainably and consciously.

Make sure you give the planet a little more love. Start with this weekend and keep going! Take a reusable cup to the coffee shop, never say yes to a conventional plastic straw, plant some flowers (or ever better your own veggie garden!), and lastly but obviously most important RECYCLE. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Some really amazing brands are doing some special things for Earth Day, so you might as well jump on the bandwagon too!

Support sustainable businesses.

Both in your community and online.

Go paperless.

Stop getting way too much mail delivered to your house, and save some trees. It's a win win.

Walk everywhere!

Within reason, of course. I'm lucky to live in a downtown area where I can walk to most things. If something is too far, take the bus or ride your bike!

Recycle more than just your garbage.

Donate clothes and household goods to families in need. Shop second hand, when possible. Mike and I found so much validation this past year when we started questioning what we were buying new and were able to make some really amazing pre-pwned purchases!

For some things (probably beauty products) it's not all that great to get them used. Below are some great deals celebrating Mama Earth from brands I love and trust!

  • the detox market is offering tiered discounts for going green. 10% off $100, 15% off $200, and 15% +a free gift off $300. I mean, I could definitely spend $300 on goods here. No code necessary!

  • crunchi cosmetics will donate $5 when you spend over $100 to 5 Gyres, a non-profit that researches the impact of plastic on our planet and strives to create better solutions to eliminate plastic pollution.

  • Leahlani Skincare has 10% off everything when you use code “ALOHAEARTH". They also will donate 5% of proceeds to The Surfrider Foundation.

I'll keep updating as more brands I love post deals! What are you doing for Earth Day?